Hello, and welcome!

Mindful Talent offers personal coaching, mindfulness and meditation to the corporate world. We focus on working with individuals and teams to encourage positive behavioural change and to raise the vibration!

We also offer some really cool stuff with our partners, including; life coaching, intuitive coaching, pre & post-natal coaching, mindfulness training, interactive workshops, creative meditations, team development and business consultancy! We bring happiness, productivity and positivity to your workforce… Isn’t that just great!?

We are an ethical business who believes in empowering people and business leaders to make the best possible decisions for their career or business at any given time whilst considering the impact their decision will have in the future.

Mindful Talent is an extension of you (and your business) and we love to co-create

By understanding the beliefs, values and attitudes that lie at the heart of your organisation, mindful talent offer a tailored solution that will contribute towards positive behavioural change and business growth!! Wowzers.

We work with leaders, executive teams, and individuals to create an incredible workspace full of creativity, passion and flair.

“to help people, executives and businesses to make more conscious decisions”