"It was like a light being turned on and I knew my life was about to move in a different direction, the desire to change myself was so strong. The desire to change the world around me and to leave a positive imprint became everything, it became my purpose."

– Alister Gray, Founder of Mindful Talent

Mindful Talent was founded in October 2015, backed by an energy and desire to influence the world to be a more positive place. Since inception, we’ve grown an incredibly talented team who are all completely unique and who help us deliver innovative coaching, breathwork and meditation programmes to some of the worlds leading brands, as well as public events to spread our message of love, human-connection, inner & outer alignment, peace, joy, happiness and fulfilment. Check out our film Feed Your Soul to learn more about our journey and reach out if you feel inspired.

"As the team slowly grew in numbers, we began to ask ‘how can we make an even bigger impact?’. This led us to developing the Mindful Talent Academy, opening our doors in September 2017."

We believe that every human being has an unlimited amount of potential and our aim is to help as many people as possible to remember their own greatness. We encourage people to look within, to break through self-limiting beliefs and to experience the true beauty of life. We’re building a Tribe of talented coaches and a community of emotionally intelligent leaders. We’d LOVE for YOU to join us.

Our Clients Include

"I knew to expect a change … I didn’t expect such a transformational change."

Mark Kelvin – CEO & Mindful Talent Graduate
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