We focus on creating alignment within individuals and organisations by connecting them to a deeper sense of self and a bigger purpose.

People are the heartbeat of our business, we’ve assembled a group of hugely talented individuals who hold a collective desire to leave a positive imprint on our world. We have coaches, leadership consultants, breath-workers, mentors, teachers, trainers, healers and shamans … and a Finance Guru.

Alister Gray

Founder, Executive Coach & Consultant

Stuart Sandeman

Coach, Breath Expert, Mentor

Ilaria Nardini-Gray

Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, Mentor

Michele Armstrong

Co-Founder, Director of Coaching

Mel Maouris

Coach, Shaman, Mentor

Raymy Boyle

Trainer, Coach, Mentor

Mark Kelvin

Coach, Mentor

Matt Brown

Coach, Mentor

Geoff Craythorne

Finance Director, Guru and Mentor

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Helen Keller

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