Our work with corporates is now becoming recognised as a key contributor in the field of Leadership, Training & Development.

We’ve helped hundreds of leaders and teams to develop emotional intelligence, communication, decision-making, authenticity, emotional regulation, engagement, inner-alignment, outer-alignment and much, much more.

Executive Coaching

Delivered in the form of one-to-one partnerships. This is deep, powerful and intensive coaching that enables Leaders to become aware of their blind spots and to gain greater clarity when making key decisions.

Breath Coaching

Delivered by Stuart Sandeman, our in-house Breath Expert. Breath Coaching is a mixture of breath analysis, mapping and transformational breath techniques, coupled with powerful transformational coaching.

Life Coaching

Delivered in one-to-one partnerships, couples and partners, and group work. Life Coaching is an intimate experience, where the coach and client goes on a journey of self-discovery, introspection and self-realization.

Leadership Consulting

Are you a Start-up or Scale-up? Or Maybe a first time CEO? Our Leadership Consulting helps leaders and leadership teams to get clear on vision, mission and goals, supporting them to grow, thrive and scale, whilst maintaining balance.

Business Consulting

We offer Business Consulting to help in the practical areas of business; Finance Project Management, Organisation Structure, Business Strategy and Leadership Support.

Keynote Speaking

Alister Gray and Stuart Sandeman do regular keynote speaking engagements. If you are interested in booking Alister and Stuart, please click here to connect with our amazing agents Speaker Buzz.

“My work with Alister has resulted in some pretty dramatic changes in both our business and life in general and I would highly recommend Alister to any Senior Business Leaders looking for an edge.”

– Justin Byrne, CEO Certus Recruitment Group

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