Who We Are

Mindful Talent is an ever-evolving business that encourages growth through the co-creation of our people and our clients. the concept began with a simple question “what would we like to do as a business?” the resounding answer that came from within was “let’s help people and our planet”.

Our aim is; “to help people, executives and businesses to make more conscious decisions”.

Everything we aim to create will carry an ethos of sustainability “how can we make something better without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?”

Whether we are coaching, facilitating a workshop or delivering a meditation, our aim is to reach people on a very deep personal level, encouraging them to recognise positive changes and to become a better version of themselves.

Meet The Team

Alister Gray, Founder

Alister is business leader with a great sense of purpose (and humour). An individual who cares very deeply about people and our planet, Alister is on a personal mission to encourage positive change in our world through executive coaching, leading, mentoring, listening, guiding and supporting.

With over 12 years’ business experience (not including his car valet business launched at the age of 12), 8 years within the corporate world and 6 years at a senior level, he has led successful teams and continues to inspire business growth through hard work, determination and belief.

Incorporating mindfulness and intuitive techniques throughout his coaching practice, Alister carries great coaching presence and a deep level of understanding during sessions.

Alister is currently training towards an ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching Practice and is a member of the Association of Coaching (AC) and the Mindfulness Association. Alister is also training to be a Connected Kids – Level 2 teacher for teaching children meditation.

Alister is passionate about people, relationships, partnerships, creating ideas and concepts, co-creating, listening, communicating and having fun. He loves to inspire and loves to be inspired!!

Stuart Sandeman, Personal Coach

Stuart is a talented individual who has a passion for music, health, people and our planet. Through personal experiences and global business Stuart has joined the Mindful Talent team to help us make positive change! Stuart brings creativity and passion in abundance.

As a mathematics and geography graduate he followed a career path in financial markets gaining valuable knowledge of the corporate workplace, large corporate company values and corporate structure.

Whist working in the Japanese stock market, Stuarts conscious was struck by the devastating Tsunami in 2011. Realising how limited our time as human-beings on earth is, Stuart decided to follow his heart (and his passion) for music and began touring the world as an international DJ. Wholeheartedly committing to the hedonistic lifestyle, loving every minute until a second defining moment pressed pause on the beats, Stuart’s dad and girlfriend were both diagnosed with cancer.

Over the past 18 months, Stuart has dedicated his time studying cancer, health, diet, the mind, meditation, healings and mindfulness. Through a sense of gratitude for his own personal circumstances, including health, wellbeing and opportunities, Stuart would like to give back and Mindful Talent is the platform to do so.

Stuart also has a Black Belt in Judo and does a regular yoga practice bringing discipline and balance to the team. Namaste!

The Connected  Coach – Ilaria Nardini, Personal Coach

Ilaria Nardini aka The Connected Coach is a partner to Mindful Talent and a simply amazing human being! Connected by name connected by nature, Ilaria incorporates a beautiful mix of heart and head to deliver powerful coaching sessions with one aim – to empower the coachee.

Ilaria specialises in working with post and pre-natal women, supporting the transition into motherhood and back into the working world.

Ilaria has a natural talent in connecting to individuals on a profoundly deep level and we are very proud to call her a partner (and friend).

Laura Pringle

Laura is an Intuitive Coach with over 12 years’ extensive experience in coaching, meditation, mindfulness and healing.

Working with people all over the world from Hollywood celebrities to global companies, Laura enjoys showing people how to deeply reconnect with themselves and their purpose.

The Mindful Enterprise – Gary Young

The Mindful Enterprise is a social enterprise registered in Scotland. The organisation is the mind-child of Gary Young and Mindful Talents very own Alister Gray.

The Mindful Enterprise is a meditation and mindfulness training provider that creates and delivers innovative programmes to both the public and private sector. Launched in 2015, The Mindful Enterprise has successfully delivered pilot programmes to two Scottish High Schools and have many more planned for 2016. The organisation is an ambitious one and the aim is to take their mindfulness and meditation programmes into the following sectors, including; Education, Healthcare, Criminal Justice System and the Corporate world.

Gary Young is hugely passionate about The Mindful Enterprise and believes that all children, young people and adults should have access to a tool that has helped him prosper in his own professional career and his everyday life.

Mindful Talent is committed to developing our leaders of today and tomorrow, instilling confidence, belief and positivity